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May 04, 2007 at 01:41 PM

Connect SQL Server 2000 using JDBC


Hi all,

We have installed the microsoft sql server 2000 into 3 different pcs which is not the server. we have installed the jdbc driver into the server and wish to connect the database from the 3 pcs using that jdbc driver from the server. may i know is it possible to connect the database and if it is possible, the database url is it something like jdbc:sqlserver://<host_name>:<port>;DatabaseName=<db_name>?

Also may i know what is actually the host name? like is it the host name of j2ee engine or the ip address where the database resides in. also for the port is it 1433 for microsoft sql server 2000 and if it is fix meaning that only 1433 is the port for sql server 2000?

Thanks 😀