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Jul 07, 2017 at 05:05 PM

License Determination at Document Level


Has anyone figured out a way to successfully run license determination by document type? I know this is not standard, and an enhancement would be needed.

I have a requirement to license temporary imports, but not permanent imports. We currently have all imports turned on for SPL, EMB, and Legal Control and it has created too much work for the users to assign a license to all imports as it is a non-value add activity. They are requiring all imports get a classification assigned to them, which is why I am running through legal control for everything. I found other threads asking the same question and there were several answers around item categories, but I don't see how item category is relevant to determination strategy. We have different PO types for temp vs permanent and we have different item cats for temp import, temp export, and permanent import. All 3 are required to run through legal control. I have set up a fake license (permanent import) to auto-assign the permanent imports, but because the same attributes can be on the perm import vs the temp import, I haven't figured a way to differentiate so it would auto-assign for perm import and block for temp import.