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May 04, 2007 at 11:14 AM

Addon can run if partner's addon license is bought


Dear All Experts/Gurus,

I have developed add-on using VB 6 in SBO SDK 2004A SP 00 PL 41 and the add-on will be used in the customer's site. This add-on's developed using SSO connection and must be developed using SDK development license (so, the add-on identifier strings used can be generated either using development or solution type) . If I use add-on identifier string using solution license, for example DEL_Solutions, then I recompile the add-on and deliver it to our customer then they created the installer and ard file. After that register the add-on into application, could the add-on run ? The customer has bought DEL_Solution (SWPRODUCTTEXT= DEL_Solution) but never bought SDK development license. I assume it can be run but I am not so sure yet. I apreciate your answer so much. TIA