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May 04, 2007 at 09:33 AM

configuring connector in system



I have tried during 2 weeks to configure this system. Thanks to you, i could walk in the good way, and i have learn a lot of different things on the portal. Unfortunately, the connector test is still wrong (and i'm not so far to explose my keyboard on my pc) even if the 3 others are ok (webas, ITS, DQE).

i explain all the things i have understood. tell me if i'm wrong.

To create a RFC --> create a system with connector.

To create a connexion with connector, 2 things :

- user mapping

- parameters of my system.

user mapping :

i've put the login/pv of my r/3 system.

i've put the full control permission of my system for me.

parameters of my system :

display object -> connector. Here :

- Application host :

second field in the sap logon

- Logical system name :

transaction scc4, and choose the good client

- Remonte host type :


- Sap client :

in the webgui path???? the same as find in the logical name?

- gatewayservice :

rz10 transaction sna_gw_service

- SID :

in the sap logon

- Sap system number :

sap logon

- Serveur port :

32+ sap system number? find in the webguipath? find in the rz10 transaction server_port_0 ??

- System type :


have i forgot anything? i'm wrong somewhere?

thanks for help (reward any help)