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OCC Specification composition upload error

Hallo all,

I was trying to upload the specification composition via OCC in OCC upload format. I was uploaded REAL_SUB and LIST_SUB via OCC, i just want to create composition SAP_EHS_1012_003 . But i'm getting following errors sm37.

Please help me on this.

When i was trying to create composition its working fine, OCC upload its giving above error.LIST_SUB already available in the system

Help me Out.



occexcel.png (53.5 kB)
sm37-error.png (46.3 kB)
comp.png (22.8 kB)
list.png (18.3 kB)
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6 Answers

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    Jul 05, 2017 at 04:54 AM

    Hello Christoph,

    Just for information - A:ORD means Instance administration data that is ESTVA, L:ORD means Composition that is ESTVP. Both are related with one another as shown below

    I aggree when you are loading composition data into difference instances like one with Public with REG_WORLD and another one with Public with REG_WORLD.But when you load into the same instance it becomes optional, system will load the into the same instance all the components. Though your suggested approach is good to avoid any issues.

    Now coming to the Usages being declared twice, it is a typo. Even then system will not generate two instances of the compositions because we have declared L:ORD at the beginning and it has preceedance in the structure definition. However while writing the Usage to the record system might find data is already available and will give an error that “Record already available” and it will not write any data and usage data becomes blank.

    Thanks and Regards


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  • Jun 26, 2017 at 06:26 AM

    Hi Satya,

    if the required List Substances, Real Substances are already available in the system and if you are only creating a composition I suggest you to use only the following columns and try to upload

    Substance ID, Order Number, Component Substance, Component Type, AVG value, Unit of Measure, Upper Value, Lower Value Rating and validity area.

    Thanks and Regards


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    • Dear Satya

      let us "seperate". With Cg33 you can always get what you want

      Let us focus on OCC: I believe the "load file" is not teh "right" one. Teh system create "two data records". but shoiuld generate one data record with many components

      Honestly: i have reread OCC document: I did not get the message. So proposal is:

      Use offline modus. Here you will get the "dat" file and this you can check (what is inside)

      Recommended is thsi sequence:

      1.) use a REAL_Sub and create a composition e.g. with 3 components

      2.) Export the RREAL_Sub

      3.) Check Dat file content

      Compare this dat file content with that you will get using OCC.


      PS: check may be:

      PPS: rereading the OCC document:

      I believe the "component property column is not "correct"





      REPEAT THIS BY ONE OF COMPONENT (the 1). I believe this will tell OCC to use one "sort sequence" (in this case 1)

  • Jun 28, 2017 at 05:31 AM

    Hi Satya,

    I understand you are using SAP OCC to create a *.dat file and then trying to import into the system using Import / Export Option.

    You are loading identifiers as well as composition in the single excel sheet. The best practice is to load them in pieces that is load the header data first, then identifiers and then value assignments and then compositions so on.

    Try to separate out the identifiers as a load file and use only the components in the current load. I have used the below format previously and I could successfully load the data.

    Please try this format

    Other option to check also is using the EH&S OCC online mode where you connect to SAP system and call the excel and load the data.

    Thanks and Regards


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    • Hello Satya,

      Based on the information I understand that there is already data existing in the system for which it is not able to create new data.

      When you have chosen a system with no data, it could create since it do not have conflict.

      Thanks and Regards


  • Jun 25, 2017 at 09:04 AM

    Hello Satya

    1.) we are not using OCC for upload so i can not really help here

    2.) try to simplify first the load file. One REAL_SUB with one component and try again.

    3.) Some lines of your "error" long have message as: Parent object contains error. So something is wrong on top there

    The OCC structure is taking about a "string". But in EXCEL you should have a "strict" control. Here i can not judge. But the "string" can not be longer than the spec key. So it is a good idea to use some kind of macro or other EXCEL function to "control" if the spec keys do not have a "space" at the end: But the "error" log does not "indicate" here an issue

    KEEP IN MIND: EXCEL does not know "customizing". So if "%" is there.. .. If EXCEL files are used to do upload you should run a "precheck" on them to make sure that you will not "end" in cycles of corrections of excel contetn for upload.

    I am not "100 %" how teh componeht sotry is done in OCC. IN your case: you nominate spec key and two identifers. For Standard import: there is some "check". I can nmot remember here the story But may be the system is doing an "and check". that means. Systrm is checking: is spec key there and does have the two assigned identfiers. If this not the case. create new spec.

    May be others from SCN community can provide more help


    PS: please check may be

    PPS: I just checked the OCC documentation. For "component" you need not to specify an identifier. Refer to page 67 of the docuent, You will find an example

    Document is like: In onlinde modus EITHER specify spec key (for component) or "use identifiers); Here the document is lieetle bit confusing: As after that (for online) the spec key and identifer is "mandatroy". For "offline" only spec id is needed.. May be reread this part

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  • Jun 27, 2017 at 07:25 PM

    Hello Satya,

    please use the following format:


    If you are not using any of the column, keep them in the file structure with blank values.



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  • Jul 04, 2017 at 06:03 PM

    Dear JAyakumar

    for "L:ORD" Story I agree. BUt you load file yontains two rows with same "H:SUBID"; two rows with same usage etc.

    My current understanding of OCC approach would be: to be on the "safe side" one should add a column with "A:ORD + Spec type (composition); which is of type string (not more than three characters). Using this you would use

    1.) in first column only one row for "H:SUBID"; one rwo for "A:ORD" number (e.g. 1) then the "L:ORD"stroy + "L:SUBID" etc.

    2:) Next row,. one need not to repeat "H:SUBID" and not teh "A:ORD" number. Per line one component is to be added

    3.) According to my understaind: if, as in your example: you would add two rows with "PUBLICH; REG_WORLD", tehn the VAT will get "two" usages with "PUBLIC/REG_WORLD"

    I am interested in your feedback regarding this


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