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May 04, 2007 at 05:45 AM

Currency Conversion


Hi Xpertz

Can any one help me out in this senarion.

I have key fig with the name "ZKF1" which comes with document currency.

Now what i want is i need one more Key figure " ZKF2" which consists of ZKF1

value with compny currency. By the way i dont have a standard currency even in

my target currency as well as source currency.

I would like to implement this in my Update rules.

I searched in our forum. They are little confused.

As am panic with ABAP code.

Could any one explain me. The way.

I am creating a one more key figure and i am placing the code in my start routine...

Any suggestions will appreciate..

Thanks in advance..



**NO need to say good answers will get pointz**