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Jun 22, 2017 at 11:58 AM

How to trace a SQL query back to BO user who issued it


We have an Oracle 11g database and Business Objects user use this for reporting. We have identified queries that takes longest time to execute using Oracle DBA_HIST tables and found that theses are the queries issued by Web Intelligence or Crystal reports. Now we want to trace these queries back to the BO user who issued them. Oracle only gives the schema name which issued the query. I know we can use BO audit tables to track the user within BO but how to match Oracle DBA_HIST data to BO audit tables data. Or is there an another way of doing this?

Most of the crystal reports user query the database directly with their own queries without any universe, so use of END_SQL function to add the BO user name as a comment to all SQL statements is not possible.

Thanks for the help.