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May 03, 2007 at 02:14 PM

Few queries on Enhancements ( BADIs or User Exits )


Hi Group,

I have started learning enhancements. I know a very little about this, but , the thing is that, I am not able to reach out to the exact Enhancement for the requirement.

For eg.,:

My approach is like when I want to use a User exit for any standard transaction, I will go to the status of the program and from there I am trying to find in <b>SE37</b> using the search criteria as "<b>EXIT_<prg_name>_XXX</b>".

But, when I use like this, some standard transactions, there was nothing as such appearing for my search criteria. Is my search false or is not there for as enhancement for my requirement??

I am very much not able to get to know exactly about which enhancement caters to my requirements, if one exists.

So please put in your valuable experiences on this topic.