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SAP play BCM recording in CRM IC interaction record

Good day SAP community,

I would like to play an audio from created from SAP BCM on a CRM interaction record.

Thus far I managed to create the configuration through CAD (contact attached data) both in CRM and BCM.I am able to see the passed recording location from SAP BCM in CRM through the ABAP class cl_ic_cad_data_process.

This ok for a normal call between an agent and an external caller.

When the agent(s) initiate a conference call with a third party/user.

The BCM system with generate multiple files to list few:

  • 1.A recording for the interaction before the conference.
  • 2.A recording for the interaction during the actual conference call.
  • 3.A recording with the overall interaction from the previous recordings as 1 unit.
  • 4.The recording corresponding for external caller/third party.

I am interested in a getting at least the first 2 files during ABAP runtime in CRM when a conference call is active or with all the first 3 recordings.

The Challenge is that cl_ic_cad_data_process is not updated with the

New recordings related to a conference call. Or at best it can only give recording 1, or 2(When I call the instance more than once, I will get rec 2). And Mostly it will give me recording 1.

I need to develop consistency for receiving files from BCM.

Can Someone please share an insight (maybe I missed a config Step in either BCM or CRM) on how can I retrieve these files with consistency because getting recording in random fashion will only introduce more issues.

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2 Answers

  • Jul 09, 2017 at 09:17 AM

    Hello Kavin,

    did you solve the problem?

    Can you see the required files in CRM ICI trace?



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    Jul 20, 2017 at 07:29 PM

    Hello Dawood,

    No, the problem still exist.

    I tried raising these with SAP and they pushed it back as a consultation issue.

    I will try and check the files in CRM ICI trace and see.

    Thus far I am exploring these options:

    -To update the CAD manually check: .

    But I am still searching for a class implementing the update_cad() method, from the link above.

    - Ask Basis to mount the bcm folder into the crm server so that I can access the recordings folder as though its local to the server and use SAP API like TMP_GUI_DIRECTORY_LIST_FILES.

    But I am still busy with my investigation for this issue.

    Thank you.


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