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May 03, 2007 at 10:28 AM

Platinum Top Contributor ? :)


If possible I'd like your opinions about some changes to TOP contributor reward system

the main idea is: Platinum Top Contributor reward

That is Platinum Top Contributor in areaΒ…

What would make you eligible to get such a award:

model 1:

a) Being a three time Top Contributor in the same area

Why not being a three time the same Top Contributor number ? (like 3 times No 1)

a) as you cannot predict which No. you can have (sometimes very little difference between 1 and 2 or 2 and 3)

b) imagine someone who was two times No 3. and in the 3rd year he was No. 1 😊

b) youΒ’d have to create lots of badges which will be given quite rarely (for 1 , 2 , 3 place)

so creating just one for each area would be enough I believe

also TOP contributor badges change every year and Platinum Top Contributor could be the same

in all years - it doesn't even have to be a badge in contrast to TOP contributor

model 2:

another option would be to create another model:
TOP contributor (standard meaning - bronze)
silver TOP contributor - (for being twice in the same area)
golden TOP contributor - (for being 3 times in the same area)
platinum TOP contributor - (for being 4 times in the same area)

Why create such a new reward :


the most important

- to make those top contributors stay longer on SDN (remember those famous 20% that make 80% of the job?).

for exmaple in XI (my personal favourite area) every year there are two new top contributors and each year the old ones are gone πŸ˜”

I believe it's quite similar in other areas (I remember Roberto Negro and Edwin Harpino - A.H.P tremendous activities)

so some TOP contributors still post - some don't use SDN anymore - but we (SDN community) needs them I believe

b) to create something EVEN more valueable for top contributors (so they will want to do even more)

c) itΒ’s quite similar to SAP 😊 à senior contultant and platinum consultant 😊

But there might be some buts too:

Why not to create it:

a) it will be very rare (not 3 x every SDN/BPX area each year)

b) some people might think Β– why bother for if so rare ß but read point a) in Β“why createΒ” section once more

What do you think about this idea ?

Thank you for reading and comments,





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