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May 03, 2007 at 09:48 AM

Fields of View must be character type in SAP 6.0


Hi All,

I am getting syntax error ( V-EQUI must be a character type data object c,n,d,t...)while I am using the following code in my program. But V_EQUI is a standard View and lt_v_equi_iflos is table of type v_equi_iflos which is again a standard view.So if anybody can help me out in removing this syntax error without changing the functionality of the code.......thanks in advance :




WHERE equnr IN equnr"-low

AND eqart IN eqart

  • AND ingrp IN ingrp

  • AND rbnr IN rbnr

  • AND proid IN proid

  • AND daufn IN daufn

  • AND aufnr IN aufnr

  • AND submt IN submt

  • AND erdat IN erdat

  • AND ernam IN ernam

  • AND aedat IN aedat

  • AND aenam IN aenam

  • AND begru IN begru

  • AND krfkz LIKE krfkz

  • AND kmatn IN kmatn

AND matnr IN matnr

AND sernr IN sernr

  • AND charge IN charge

  • AND kunde IN kunde

  • AND anlnr IN anlnr

  • AND hequi IN hequi

  • AND swerk IN swerk

  • AND eqfnr IN eqfnr

  • AND bukrs IN bukrs

  • AND kokrs IN kokrs

  • AND gsber IN gsber

  • AND stort IN stort

  • AND eqtyp IN eqtyp

  • AND liznr IN liznr

  • AND kostl IN kostl

  • AND serge IN serge

  • AND tidnr IN tidnr

  • AND kund2 IN kund2

  • AND anlun IN anlun

  • AND iwerk IN iwerk

  • AND typbz IN typbz

  • AND beber IN beber

  • AND mapar IN mapar

  • AND kund3 IN kund3

  • AND elief IN elief

  • AND abckz IN abckz

  • AND answt IN answt

  • AND waers IN waers

  • AND kund1 IN kund1

  • AND msgrp IN msgrp

  • AND herst IN herst

  • AND ansdt IN ansdt

  • AND heqnr IN heqnr

AND tplnr IN strno

and tplnr IN tplnr

  • AND vkorg IN vkorg

  • AND vtweg IN vtweg

  • AND spart IN spart

  • AND datab IN gr_datab

  • AND datbi IN gr_datbi

  • AND herld IN herld

  • AND baujj IN baujj

  • AND invnr IN invnr

  • AND groes IN groes

  • AND brgew IN brgew

  • AND gewei IN gewei

AND eqktu IN eqktx

  • and eqktx in eqktx

  • AND auldt IN auldt

AND inbdt IN inbdt

  • AND werk IN werk

  • AND lager IN lager

  • AND gewrk IN i_gewrk

  • AND ppsid IN i_ppsid

AND (gt_where) .