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Jun 21, 2017 at 03:39 PM

EPM - SAP IBP - Subtotals & Total of Subtotals (knowing there are filters in planning view)

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Hi there,

I'm actually helping a client building his Planning Views (IBP excel) and I have an issue with creating a Local Member (Total of Subtotals) that would sum another local member (Subtotals) that I did.

Business wise, I have a Local Member that sums values by "Director" for one specific KeyFigure out of 2 (see KeyFigure 2 in attached image).To do that we entered the formula for the Subtotals in "EPM Member Sorting & Grouping" Section on Dimension "DIRECTOR" as follow:


This formula works perfectly and allow us to subtotal only values from KeyFigure 2, or else it would sum values of KeyFigure 1 and 2.

First Question: Is there another way to do that? Instead of going through "Member Sorting & Grouping" ...Is there a formula that would work in regular Local Member section that would sum values only for a specific Key Figure per Director (like a subtotal)?

Second Question: How can I do a Total of those Subtotals per PLANT, meaning sum the different Subtotals per Director per Plant. See image to understand better my question?

N.B: I tried doing it the simpliest way, which is having a Total per PLANT but it gave me a value that doesn't match what I see in the planning view.....maybe because there are filters! For exemple the sum of Subtotals should be 300 000, I was seing 350 000...I assume it was summing also the rest of the values even if they are filtered ?!?

Thank you very much for your help!


=> Or else please give me the best/simpliest way to have Subtotals of a specific KeyFigure per a specific Dimension/Attribut in a IBP planning view. (ex: sum of KeyFigure 2 per Director). Knowing there's multiple KeyFigures showing in the Planning View.


the total of those subtotals (ex: sum of (sum of Key Figure 2 per Director)).