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May 03, 2007 at 06:46 AM

Decentralized/Standalone XI Adapter Engine in same SID as Central AE


For reasons of splitting functionality, we want to setup separate XI adapter engines (AE) so that we can "pin" certain communication channels to specific AE.

On top of the "Central" AE (installed in /usr/sap/<SID>/DVEBMGS39), I have now installed a second ABAP/J2EE dialog instance (in /usr/sap/<SID>/D89).

All the Java components and services are visibile in VisualAdmin.

D89 shows up in SLD, and the J2EE SLD Data Supplier in D89 works.

However, there seems to be no "separation" of the 2 instances of the AE:

In RWB, component monitoring, there are no entries under "Non Central Adapter Engine" (although it is visible as a second node in Adapter Monitoring/MDT)

In IB/DIRECTORY, only the "Integration Server" is visible as an "Adapter Engine" in the communication channels

In the SLD, the class "HTTP Service Port: Basic URLs of Adapter Engine on <hostname>" only shows 1 URL (pointing to D89 and not to the "central" DVEBMGS39l).

To me it seems the 2 J2EE instances (within the same SID) behave as 1 (just like if we added another server1 to the same J2EE instance).

I think the main problem is within the data of the SLD. Does the separate "Adapter Engine" need to be registred manually (for example by creating an additionale instance of the CIM class "SAP_XIAdapterFramework" ?

System has been restarted many times.

Has anybody setup a separate adapter engine this way ?

Thanks for your help

Kind regards,

Jan Van Achte