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May 03, 2007 at 05:45 AM

Rounding off



I have problem in Rounding.

How can i rounding off the sales tax codes(JIP1,JIP2 etc)

For excise it will pick from Tax on goods movemnt settings and also we can put Alt calculation type 17 infront of any condition types.

But for VAT condition types in Tax procedure std Alt Calculation type is allready there for example JIP3 370,JIP2 371 etc so we can't change this existing routine to 17.

Pls tell me how to configure for Sales tax condition types.

Excise duties are comming properly include Cess.

We are using TAXINJ.

For sales no problem beacase in sales two pricing procedures ,in sales pricing if u Put Alt calculation type 17 it works properly.

We are expecting valuable solution from SDN Guru's.