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May 03, 2007 at 03:39 AM

How to update commitment in R/3 after SC being created


Dear gurus,

In my project, there is a requirement that whenever SC is created, a commitment should be updated into Fund Management in R/3. This is to make sure that the Fund Management should get the up-to-date information of all objects that are planned to consume the budget (also to make sure that the behaviour will mimic PR creation in R/3).

However as we're using extended classic, we will not create PR in R/3, thus only PO will be replicated to R/3. Though this will update the commitment for sure, this is considered by the client to be very late already.

So we need to find a way, where once the SC is created, SRM should be able to update the commitment into FM in R/3. Thus when SC is approved and converted into PO, then the commitment will be updated (deleted) and the real commitment from PO should be created in normal way.

I know there is a badi that can be triggered during SC creation, and also during PO creation. But we still stuck on the question of what Function Module that we can use in R/3 to:

a. Create commitment during SC creation,

b. Delete commitment when PO is created.

Can anyone help me on this? Or if someone have other and better way to make this happen, I'm really grateful if you want to share with me.

Best regards,