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Former Member
May 03, 2007 at 02:21 AM

Clone a server, set new IP and computer name for testing of recovery


I have setup SAP R/3 on a server on Windows 2003 Server with Oracle9i R2. I cloned the harddisk using Ghost. I inserted the cloned harddisk to another server when identical hardware as the original server. I changed the fixed IP of the cloned server and SAP R/3 works perfectly.

I would like to change the Computer Name, but after changing the computer name, Oracle Agent could not be started. I resolved the starting of Oracle Agent by removing the *.q files in C:\oracle\ora92\network\agent

However, I could not start SAP R/3 Management Console successfully. Does anyone know how to change the computer name of a server so that SAP R/3 will start successfully.