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May 02, 2007 at 08:22 PM

Beware of computer virus


I've found this article and think is very interesting for everyone 😉

Computer experts like Damon at Geek Rescue know all about this latest virus.

“The storm virus is a Trojan horse virus that can get into your system."

He says it gets into your computer system by appearing as an attachment in your email.

If you click it you can unknowingly install that program and just that quick your computer becomes infected.

Experts say the "storm virus" is the largest computer virus attack in more than a year.

"Virus creators try to take over your machine and use it as part of what we call a bot network-large group of computers infected and then turns around and infects other computers or a large network like credit card companies or banks."

So how do you avoid the virus?

"You protect yourself by updating your anti-virus protection."

And in this case Damon says his best advice is to be careful about what attachment you open up in your email program.

Experts say emailers should be careful when it comes to all pop-up messages.

They say especially watch out for those with love related subject lines as well as messages with worm alert subject lines.

If you think your computer is under attack you can use the following antivirus:

- Norton, AVG, Avast, etc. (software).

-, bitdefender, etc. (free online scanning)

Good luck!!