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May 02, 2007 at 02:18 PM

WebDynpro HTML Rendering really slow



We are writing a webdynpro application which is going to show a massive 'View'.

It's a table with about 15 columns, tree embedded, dropdowns, checkboxes, images, link2URL etc are all used in this table.

What's worse is that this table takes about 4-5 mins to render the HTML when there are more than 2000 lines.

We know this is going to be slow, but we are hoping to improve the performance.

Having switched on the sap-wd-showInfo=X I see the following:

Browser 272552(parsing: 1485, HTML: 264943, JSBefore 15, JSAfter 6109) J2EE: 6583 Back-End: 15 Estimated Response Size: 17214K.

How is it possible to spead up the HTML rendering part?

What really is the HTML rendering time showing?

Does this have to do with browser/client PC speed?

How do I know if I am running in SSR or CSR mode?

Using: NW04s 7.00 SP8 (Java stand-alone).

Application will be running through the portal.