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Former Member
May 02, 2007 at 08:55 AM

Adding jars to previously deployed par



Is there a way to add jar files to previously deployed par project in EP. The portal application is already deployed through SDM. It is giving me Class Not found exception for a particular class. I have put the particular .jar files( manually) in the lib directory where my portal project was installed and did a restart of the server. But still i get the class not found exception.

Does manually copying the jar files to the lib of portal application work? Do the jars need to be registered within the J2EE engine before being used? If not, then is there a way in which i can pakage my jar files and deploy it SDM so that it gets registered and gets copied into lib of my portal project.

The portal project i'm talking about is Repository Manager( RM) and i do not want to re-build the project with the jars(NWDS) and deploy them. I want to put the jars on J2EE itself so that it recognises my jars.