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May 02, 2007 at 08:03 AM

Error 'Unable to open file' when downloading SAP Query to Excel


Hi all

I'm running a SAP Query which is set to download straight to a spreadsheet (Pivot Table / Microsoft Excel). Intermittently it does not work - apparently at random (at least, I've can't recreate the error at will).

It does one of the following:

- Works ok, and creates the pivot table

- Gives an Excel error message 'Unable to open file', then returns to the 'save the data in a spreadsheet' popup when enter is pressed on the error.

- Does not issue error message, just goes to the 'save the data in a spreadsheet' popup.

In the last two cases, the excel pivot table sheet is not created.

Has anyone seen anything similar, or have any idea as to what is causing the problem?

Any help gratefully received!

Not urgent as I've found a way round - further testing seems to show that I don't get the error is Excel is already open - but in the past I've run many SAP query downloads without needing to open Excel first. I suppose it's possible that this is just something to do with the Excel setup at the user site

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