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May 02, 2007 at 06:57 AM

Scheduling Agreement


Hello Guru it is very very urgent plz give me answer what to do

This problem occurs in program Y_EX34_LVED4FZZ_001. The problem is that the current code assumes that VBEP-ZZSID will never be repeated by the customer, so all deliveries in the history can be checked when deciding whether or not to retain a schedule line. New information has confirmed that Nissan repeats their ZZSID numbers annually, which leads the current code to delete open schedule lines that had deliveries against them in prior years. Here are the recommended steps to correct this:

1. After obtaining the VBEP data and before selecting from ZZDLVRANSID, find out when the relevant schedule line’s delivery schedule was posted, using the following steps:

a. Find the record in VBEH for VBEP-VBELN, VBEP-POSNR, and VBEP-ETENR that has the smallest nonzero value in the internal delivery schedule number field (VBEH-ABRLI). If none is found, take the record with ABRLI = ‘0000’.

b. Find the record in VBLB for VBELN and POSNR that matches ABRLI.

c. Take fields VBLB-ERDAT and VBLB-ABRDT_ORG.

d. If ABRDT_ORG is not 00/00/0000 or 12/31/9999, use it as the comparison date for this logic. Otherwise, use ERDAT.

2. When selecting later from LIKP, also get the planned and actual Goods Issue dates (LIKP-WADAT and LIKP-WADAT_IST). If WADAT_IST is not 00/00/0000, use it for the comparison date for this logic. Otherwise, use WADAT.

3. Before incrementing XLTOT_PGI or XLTOT_DEL, ensure that the delivery you are working with was shipped after the schedule line that you’re working with was received (the VBLB date from step 1d is less than or equal to the shipment date from step 2). If it is, proceed with the calculations. If it isn’t, don’t add the quantities from this delivery into the totals.

Testing Strategy

· In CTA, we will need to coordinate with the EDI team to find out if any customers exist that use replace logic for which data can be pushed in and tested.

· In FTA, scheduling agreement 300027861 is an excellent example of this issue. We can get the EDI team to re-send data for that scheduling agreement (or for other scheduling agreements under the same customer), and process the IDOCs individually to test that:

o Deliveries that were shipped prior to the open demand’s delivery schedule creation date are excluded from the assessment of whether or not to delete the schedule line.

Deliveries that were shipped after the delivery schedule came in are included in the assessement