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May 01, 2007 at 08:33 PM

Configuration of internal PI 7.0 communications to use https


I am looking for some clear documentation on how to do this. I have read through the documentation discussing this but it does not specifically tell you the steps. This is the type of verbiage I have found:

"The components of a process integration (PI) landscape communicate with each other for different purposes like configuration, administration, monitoring, or the actual messaging.

In addition to proper messaging, technical communication between various PI tools and runtime components is required.

Two different technical protocols are used for these communications: HTTP and RFC. Both the technical and the business communication are described together with the used protocols in the following two sections:


I've gotten this from this link:

SSL" target="_blank">">SSL configuration

This link describes in detail the communication that takes place:

Technical" target="_blank">">Technical communication PI 7.0

I think from this list of Exchange Profile this is how I would enable SSL internally (set port any way):

Exchange" target="_blank">">Exchange Profile parameters - connections is relevant

Is this where I should change the port numbers? Where do I activate the https for communication between internal components? Are there any ABAP stack (SM59) connections to change? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.