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Apr 30, 2007 at 05:43 AM

Enhancement Spot :


Hi All,

i have a doubt regarding the Enhancement Spot and Enhancement Point. I have a little idea about this and want to know in detail. please if anyone have any good sites or material please let me know so that i can have a look on that.

Currently i am trying to copy the standard transaction COGI into the ZCOGI transaction with SAP 6.0. and there exists some enhancement points and enhancement spot which are not getting copied into my ZCOGI transaction. What is the reason behind it? Does it affect the original functionality which is there in the standard transaction?Because i want to retain all the satndard fuctionality. I donot have anything to do in the ENHANCEMENT ...... ENDENHANCEMENT.i have to do some additional data fetching based on the additional selection criteria to be added on the selection screen and based on that i want to show some additional fields in the ALV output.

Thanks in advance.