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Hello everyone. I need help to understand how to configure release strategy using BRF+?

Jun 21, 2017 at 10:35 AM


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We have a complex workflow and therefore we are looking to use BRF+ to satisfy the different functionalities.

My question is, how do we link the BRF+ with the release strategy of the purchasing document.

We tried a scenario and found that workflow is getting triggered via BRF+ but the PO is not blocked while the workflow was in process.

The agents will be also configured in the BRF+ system, then how can the user know about the approval status of the PO through the display screen.

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sorry but I do not get your question. In general, you can call BRFplus from workflow and vice versa. The patterns are described in the following document: Customer Demo: Integration between SAP Business Workflow and BRFplus

I would guess that the scenario described in the paper is comparable to your scenario.

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Thanks for your response Christian. Really appreciate it.

We are able to work through BRF workflow. The issue is when the PO approval workflow is triggered, the PO needs to be in a blocked state so that there can't be a GR. But that's not happening since there is no release strategy defined.

Now we cannot define a standard release strategy because we want the agents to be identified through BRF+ which is a complex workflow.

My question is,

1. How to block the PO when it is in approval flow.

2. How can we know the status of the approval process via the Purchase Order? Is there a way to display the agents identified in BRF workflow on the PO?

Hope I make sense.

Again, many thanks for responding.


I am not an expert in that area, but from my understanding of the general process:

  1. When an approval workflow has started the subject of the approval should be locked as you describe. So it would make sense to put that question in the corresponding area of the SAP community to reach out to those experts by re-tagging this question with the corresponding tags
  2. As for the first case. This is not a BRFplus specific question. In general, BRFplus can return that information but integration into the process is a process-specific task, so again the SAP modules experts have to give their input.

My advice: Please add/change the tags of this question to address the experts in the right space

Best regards



Thanks Christian.

I have now updated the tag to "Approve Purchase Orders". Though I would have liked a tag for release strategy but couldn't find one.



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1 Answer

Anjan Paul Jun 29, 2017 at 07:14 AM


There have user exit EXIT_SAPLEBNF_005 , in which can call BRF plus table for agent determination .


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