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S/4HANA readiness check

Jun 21, 2017 at 08:40 AM


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have a question regarding the S/4HANA readiness check. As I understand this is possible in the managed system or SAP Solution Manager. What are the main additional values for using SAP Solution Manager?

regards, Ralph

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2 Answers

Frank Schuler
Jun 21, 2017 at 09:28 AM

Hello Ralph,

You need Solution Manager to collect the results from the managed system(s) and send them to the SAP Suppot Portal:

SAP Readiness Check for SAP S/4HANA

Best regards


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Hi Frank,

Thanks for your reply. This is the only reason why I should use Solution Manager to run the readiness checks? Are there no other added values compared to running the readiness checks in the managed system?

regards, Ralph

Prakhar Saxena
Jun 21, 2017 at 03:58 PM

Hi Ralph Smeets

The answer can be as short as above already provide or very long or descriptive. Solman has become a very big product covering entire ALM which means it can help you the way you want w.r.t to any of your SAP Projects.

e.g. you would like to manage migration to S/4 HANA and want to perform readiness check....this might be in the beginning but there are many queries which follow like size for HANA ....custom code etc. etc.

for some customer I see utilizing solman with custom code management capability helping a lot in terms of identification of entire custom code with duplicates their removal etc is helped by solman and it helps to migrate to solman

It provide complete test management platform so you can manage entire Upgrade/Migration project testing via solman including automatic or manual testing upto your requirement.

you have new solution documentation and best practice provided by SAP in solman 7.2 with dedicated roadmaps accelerators etc.

thus, it is more to your project requirement what all you would like to utilize on solman to help your HANA project but Solman can provide many things to achieve it quickly.

Hope this helps.



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hi Prakhar,

Thanks for your reply I am aware of the capabilities of SAP Solution Manager and our customer install base probably is not interested to use SAP Solution Manager because it is a overkill. What I would like to understand is the difference in output between running the check in the managed system by means of reports and SAP Solution Manager. regards, Ralph

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Hello Ralph,

Following components are involved in preparing a S/4HANA prospect (Readiness Check) that can be presented to the customer.

- S/4HANA Sizing

- Add-on Compatibility Checks

- Custom Code analysis (requires a separate 7.5 NW system)

- Recommended Fiori applications

- Active Business Functions

- Relevant Simplification Items

- Business process analytics (critical number of documents).

All checks can be independently performed on target system (for UPL you would need Solution Manager configured and connected to target system.

Further the maintenance planner checks and generation of stack.xml is something I believe happens in Solution Manager system. I don't think of any other differences of running the checks on Solution Manager and on managed system.

As suggested in SAP note 2310438 report TMW_RC_DOWNLOAD_ANALYSIS_DATA can be executed to fetch all the required information along with SYCM output. You will need the 2 zip files to be uploaded to the link to generate the report.