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Apr 26, 2007 at 02:14 PM




I know there are a lot of posts related but somehow iam not able to reach to a conclusion for my specific requirement based on the explanations in them.

My question is:

My business doesn't want users to be maintained in SAP system(4.7/6.20).

So in my BSP application I maintain a default userid and pwd so tha tthey dont see any popup.

But when the actual page comes up i have put a page in there for a login/pwd where they have to put their LDAP uid and pwd.

Is there a way I could authenticate (like a return code = 0) their LDAP uid and pwd?

I just need an answer from LDAP saying the user has been authenticated or not.

I have the LDAP remote connection all set up but not able to find any Function modules which can do the job for me.

The constraint again is this user is not to be maintained in SAP.