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Apr 26, 2007 at 11:52 AM

problem in dividing currency value



i am facing a problen while dividing the currency value in a routines.

i have 2 variables of type KBETR.

data : a type konv-kbetr,

b type konv-kbetr,

c type konv-kbetr.

a = '10.00'.

b = '7.00'.

<b>c = b / a.</b>

when i check this code in simple abap editor SE38 , i

<b>get the result as 0.7</b>

but i am using this calculation in a routine for pricing

FORM FRM_KONDI_WERT_622. and include is RV64A622

when i write the same code in this include, i am gettin <b>the result as 0.1.</b>

Pls help why the system is behaving in diff ways at two places.

Points will be awarded for helpful answers.



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Sonika Ahuja