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Former Member
Apr 26, 2007 at 06:55 AM

Tooltip text for pushbutton with dynamic text


Hi All,

I have created a pushbutton and assigned a dynamic text to it in my PF-STATUS.

In the Dynamic text I have also associated with it the icons.

Now the problem is this that when I goto the button, in the tooltio text it also shows the value for the icon.

e.g. I have used my dynamic text as follows :

lv_scr = 'Create BOM'.

CONCATENATE icon_create lv_scr INTO lv_scr SEPARATED BY space.

HERE lv_scr is the dynamic text that will be displayed on the pushbutton.

Now, the tooltip text displays '@0Y@ Create BOM'.

Is there any means by which I can remove '@0Y@' from the tooltip text.

Helpful answers will be suitable rewarded.

Please reply. Its urgent.

Thanks a lot.