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Jun 21, 2017 at 01:46 PM

Monitoring Synchronous Service Consumer calls without PI



I have created a web consumer proxy directly within AS ABAP, without a connection to PI, and have been able to successfully make synchronous message calls using the proxy.

However, I have a problem with one message and I would like to see the XML getting returned in the SOAP call. All discussions on the web point to turning on (i.e. setting to '1') the Runtime LOGGING and LOGGING_SYNC parameters in SXMB_ADM, but this seems to just be only for PI integration.

Having changed these parameters, I still cannot see any (synchronous) messages in either SXI_MONITOR or SRT_MONI.

Is there anything else I should turn on or any other transactions I should try. To reiterate, I am trying to log the XML of synchronous messages sent via a web service consume proxy generated within AS ABAP, without PI.