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Jun 21, 2017 at 09:56 AM

Duplicate entries in Target table when using Table Comparison Transform


We have a weird issue with Table Comparison Transform in DS 4.2 SP5

We are doing an upsert on the SQL Server Target table from SAP HANA Source tables.

There is a strange issue reported when Table comparison is upserting duplicates in the target table.

Potential Duplicate: Inline image 1

There are 6 Input Keys and I have compared all the remaining compare columns. The only difference is the decimal precision for AMOUNTDC and AMOUNTINLOCALCURRENCY columns of the target table. The decimal precision is decimal(18,0) whereas in Source it is decimal(19,5). User wants the precision to be decimal(18,0). I have tried changing the decimal precision of the columns in replica of the target table but its doing an upsert correctly without adding duplicate record

Inline image 2

We are on DS 4.2 SP5. I have also followed SAP Note

2213694 - Table Comparison transform producing wrong result - SAP Data Services 14.2.5 but we have not upgraded to DS 4.2 Sp5 but directly installed it.

Any help/inputs would be helpful


Arun Sasi