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Extract checker issue for FM based extractor

Jun 21, 2017 at 07:13 AM


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Hello Experts,

I am having a function module based extractor, for which the client told me that they are having some data mismatch. This is full update and I had couple of issues on using this data source in extract checker.

1. RSA3 is showing 1.2 Million records for this data source, but even if i give some filter values in RSA3, then also it is not considering the filters and showing 1.2 Million records. Also, as you can see in the below screenshot, even though the no of calls -10, and data records/calls-100, then also it is showing 1.2 Million records instead of 1000. Is there anything like the FM extractor will not consider the RSA3 parameters?

2. Also, since the filter for Material number is not working, i just want to see all the records and then filter out the particular material number. But when i click on the ALV Grid, i am not able to see all the data packages. I could see only 1 data package with 297903 records.

Can anybody help me on these? Appreciate your time and effort.



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Mario Tibollo Jun 21, 2017 at 08:11 AM

did you bother taking a look at the code of the function module? It looks like lines are added to e_t_data after the initial select (=100 records), hence the fact you have more than a 1000 records. So review your code first and afterwards come back with more details about the code if needed.

and by the way, i have no idea how many lakh is. don't think this is standard english or I missed that class at school.

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Hello Mario,

Yes, lines are added to e_t_data after the initial select. So, is that the reason why it is showing all the records.

Also in RSA3 output, I am not able to view all the data packages. It is showing only 1 data package with 297903 records instead of 1.2 Million.

And, I am extremely sorry for using the word "Lakh". I was in a hurry and forgot to use the international language. I have corrected the question using Million instead of Lakh. Lakh is used in South Asian countries and I am not sure whether it was in your syllabus in school; if it was there then you would have definitely missed that class.




how many lines do you have when you extract data to PSA?