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Apr 25, 2007 at 07:17 PM

J2EE application in iView - relative URLs?


The EP and the J2EE are running on the same WebAS 7 (EP7). An URL iView is used for integration. I found two drawbacks:

- The path of the URL can not be server relative, so just starting with /myapp/test.jsf

- Neither can the iView by pre-customized by a system setting, e.g. I configure the server's setting (e.g. the URL) and the iView is just adding its part of the URL.

<b>Problem: </b>When I do transport my iViews I have to manually adjust all the URLs, unlike with ABAP WebAS iViews I can not just set the alias to a different system. If I was able to use relative links I could also just deploy at EP2 and my J2EE application on that server would be used.

Any idea how to overcome the problem?