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Apr 25, 2007 at 07:08 PM

Fill Multiline container from multi records in source XML ?



scenario: File-XI-RFC-File(BPM).

Read company id from source file, call BAPI(company_get_detail) using RFC receiver adapter and then write response to another file.

This works fine for one record(one RFC call to BAPI) using the BPM.

Now, I would like to implement the process for multiple records using block(forEach) to make multiple RFC calls in BPM.

<i>I understand that i have to create multiline container and map 1:n from input xml into that container.</i> I need help here.

BPM Steps:

<b>Receive source file - fill multicontainer ?</b>

Open block step (forEach)

send sync RFC call

save Response in another multiline container

close block

send step - write response to file(receiver)

file structure:">