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Apr 25, 2007 at 06:52 PM

How to convert CURRENCY type into CHARACTER type?


Hi Experts,

I am pulling data of DMBTR (currency type) SHKZG(credit - H / debit - S indicatopr) from BSEG.

I need to show DMBTR in the report as negative (i.e. minus) if the SHKZG = H.

So, I am (as concatenate is not supprty by CURRENCY) moving DMBTR value to a local_Variable_CHAR_type_DMBTR.

But, I am getting runtime error, saying that conversion is not possible!

1 - How to fix it?

Later, I need to present this DMBTR in the mathematical operations, either its as ''- DMBTR'' or ''+DMBTR'' i.e. depending on the sign of the DMBTR, the result varies!

So, How to do it?


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