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Apr 25, 2007 at 04:01 PM

SP Stack 16 --> 19 on Windows 2003 32 BIT/ MSSQL 2000



I am looking to upgrade NW04 support packs from Support Stack 16 to Support Stack 19, starting on our XI 3.0 running on Windows 2003 32 BIT and MS SQLServer 2000.

When I go into the SWDC and select SP Stacks, I enter the source stack and target stack, select XI as the usage, then I'm given a variety of selections when you choose configuration, for the kernel, I cannot find a selection for KERNEL 640 UC Windows 32 BIT X86, all I can find is IA32 BIT, but isn't this Itanium? and Windows Server on x64 64bit, but that is for 64 BIT Windows? I'm more a Unix guy, so not sure on Windows, Machine type is status is 4x Intel 8, ST06 reports hardware as Processor-Type :

Intel Pentium 4 (Stepping 3)

so its an Intel processor, so I would expect an option for WIndows Server on x32bit MSQL Server.

Even some of the options in the cofigf tree such as SAP J2EE ENGINE 6.40 for Process Integration (PI/XI) show options for :

Windows Server on IA32 32bit

Windows Server on IA64 64bit

Windows Server on x64 64bit

but no Windows Server on x32bit ????

I've checked through SWDC through my companys components and the only Windows 32 Bit UC is IA32 32 BIT ?

Thanks for any help.


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