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Former Member
Apr 25, 2007 at 01:32 PM

FBL5N transaction - URGENT


Hi all,

Currently, I am developing a report to show all open items (like transaction FBL5N, Open Item at Key Date).

Now, my report just manage to display all open items as per selected key date, but not manage to show those items that were cleared.


Document A is posted on 1 April 2007, when I run my report on 10 April 2007 as a key date, Document A appears in the report because it doesn't clear yet. When I cleared my document on 12 April 2007, and run my report on 20 April 2007, Document A does not appear in the report, which is making sense since it was cleared before 20 April 2007.

However, when I put 10 April 2007 as key date, Document A doesn't not appear in the report because it hasn't been cleared before 10 April 2007.

I have tried to read through and debug FBL5N but having no luck/clue to solve that. Any advise is much appreciated!

Many thanks,