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Jun 20, 2017 at 09:50 AM

Credit Exposure at Company Code Level (Individual and Total)


Dear Experts,

We are facing a query from a client, where client is managing lets say 10 customers whose each credit limit is set Rs. 2 million/customer, that becomes aggregate of Rs. 20 million. The overall limit is approved from the board and that cannot be enhanced on a day to day basis. Now for example the company has got 11th customer with same individual limit of Rs. 2 miliion, making the aggregate to Rs. 22 million. However, the client want to restrict the Sales order when the overall limit of Rs. 20 million is exhausted.

In nutshell, client want to check:

1. Customer Individual Credit limit of Rs. 2 million first,

i. if limit is not available, then system should stop

ii. if limit is available, then system should check aggregate limit of Rs. 20 million, if that is not available then system should given error.

2. If both limits are available then it should proceed.

Is there any way we can achieve in standard SAP?

Thanks and Regards,

Amar Lal Lohano