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Apr 25, 2007 at 09:03 AM

Can any one explain the concept of Hash ( # ),


Hi All,

I am generating the report on Billing Cube.. for that cube I have DS 2lis_13_vdhdr, 2lis_13_vditm,

I am executing the report with characteristics Material , Billing Number and Key Figures Billing Value.

For Example : I am seeing the report By Material , in last line it is showing Hash ( # ),

When I am drill down by material by Billing no with Billing value.

Now it is showing the billing value agents’ the Billing Number and in the same time it is showing hash for the same Billing Number….

Eg: Material Billing No Billing Value

120 199001 400 USD

122 199002 500 USD

125 199003 300 USD

# 199001 000.00

199002 000.00

199003 000.00

Can any one explain the concept of Hash ( # ), and why the Billing No is reputing in Hash..

I have same problem in other Cubes with other Characteristics …

<b>How can I permanently Restrict Hash.. my user don’t want to see in report..</b>