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Apr 25, 2007 at 06:40 AM

duplicate records in delta load?????pls help!!!! will assign points


Hi all,

I am extracting payroll data with datasource 0hr_py_1 for 0py_c02 cube.

I ran full load with selection crieteria in infopackage -01.2007 to 02.2007, extracted 20,000 records and then

i ran init of delta without data transfer, extracted 0 records as expected.

then ran delta with selection crieteria in infopackage -02.2007 to 01.2010, extracted 4500 where the FEB month records are extracted again.

what could be the reason for duplicate records to occur in the delta load?

i have seen the same records in full load with selection crieteria 01.2007 to 02.2007 as well as in selection crieteria 02.2007 to 01.2010. What and how it is possible?

Actually the datasource 0hr_py_1 datasource is not supporting delta. apart from this what other reasons are there for occuring duplicate records? plss help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will assign points.