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Apr 25, 2007 at 03:18 AM

ODS to ODS - PSA reschedule Error


Dear all,

I have a process which uploads data from one ODS to another,and it works well.

Now, I want reschedule one of PSA to the target ODS,but the system raises an error in 5 seconds. it says:

10:49:13 Job started

10:49:13 Step 001 started (program RSODS1,

10:49:19 ABAP/4 processor: MESSAGE_TYPE_X

10:49:19 Job cancelled.

The operation I have done is that.

1. Upload the delta data from an ODS to the target ODS.

2. An error occurs,but I change QM to green. it is a mistake..

3. I delete the delta request in the target ODS.

4. I want to reschedule the PSA under the PSA tree of start ODS.

How could I correct the error? you know I can't activate the request after that one in the target ODS now.