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Former Member
Apr 24, 2007 at 07:17 PM

Data transfer from internal table to dynpro.


Hi everyone.

I´m trying to import the fields of an internal table to a dynpro for them to show when the screen is called.

I´ve used the export/import statements, so I already have the internal table in the PBO, but I don´t know how to assign this values to the different dynpro components.

I've got about ten fields of a Z table declared in my dynpro, the names that I can see in the attribute tabs are like ZTABLENAME-FIELD, but when I try to do something like:

ztablename-field = wa_internaltable-field

I get an error message saying that ztablename does not exist.

Does anybody know how to refer to the dynpro components from the PBO?

Thanks a lot,

Fernando Villa.