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Former Member
Apr 24, 2007 at 05:42 PM

Total Only in Web Layout


If I may, I have a nagging question on setting up a layout that contains totals.

We have a display only form that contains cost elements with a column for Actuals and a column for Plan so people can do a quick look to compare.

The problem is the Plan column contains Total Year, not what the plan is Year to date. For example, if the fiscal period is March, they want the plan to show what the total would be through March.

I have tried selection criteria (data returned is incorrect), dynamic columns, several other things with no luck. Dynamic columns is the only process that got the correct data to return, but the users don't want to see the jan/feb/mar/total, they just want to see the total.

And because they want the hierarchy, switching to Excel and trying to hide things isn't an option.

Am I overlooking something?