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Apr 24, 2007 at 05:40 PM

Calculate prior period from row matrix


I have a FI query that is trying to report key figure in the column for 12 periods. I can get the 12 period to be shown EITHER by using the BEX Variable 0fiscperiod as a range, OR I can take the current Period variable (single entry) and use offsets for the following 11 months.

The Problem/issue is that for each Row/Characteristic, I need a calculation performed that takes the Prior period value - the current period value: FOR ALL 12 MONTHS of the row.

I have tried ALL 7 of the delivered date variables, that return different results, but NONE of them will return the proper result in ALL 12 periods.

SOOOOOO, the $64,000,000 question is: how can I accomplish this requirement?!?!?!? THANKS!!!!