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Former Member
Apr 24, 2007 at 04:22 PM

User must reset password in Portal after Active Directory expired pwd 04s


A user's password has recently expired in AD and was subsequently changed by him. However the portal (NW04s SP9) is now stating that it is expired also. This is a read only MS AD that also has users who are in the portal UME so I can't use any tricks to get him back in like setting passwords to never expire in the portal. My password is set to expire shortly and I would suppose the same will happen to me once I change it in AD.

This is the ffirst time I have run across this - I have multiple ep6 sp40 portals running with no problem and a Trial NW04s portal running with no problems but when I installed the full EPEPCBW Java stack it is now occuring in this case.

Hs anyone run into this and solved it?I have looked through a lot of the UME settings and I just don't see any that might help. There are a lot of them and I may have missed one.