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Apr 24, 2007 at 03:22 PM

Adding fields to transaction VA01 & also to database table


Hi all,

can we add some fields to database tables like vbap, vbak if we will get key from sap?

will it create any problem in future?


i need to create some new fields in VA01 so that i can populate those fields while creating sales order.generally, these fields r not present in VA01.but i want to add some fields in this transaction.

These fields r not present in any database tables. if i will populate these fields in VA01, then how i can update the database table?

actually, i want to add some new fields in transaction VA01 & i want to update the database while creating the sales order.but there is no such fields in database tables.

plz suggest me the most possible ways to do this?

it's urgent.plz suggest.