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Apr 24, 2007 at 01:29 PM

Cannot deploy anymore, nested iviews & 32K bug



I'm building a VC application that was constantly bumping into the 32K limit.

With adding nested iviews I could solve the problem each time but now I seem to have reached a new limit. As I was getting the 32K bug again, I added 3 new nested iviews this afternoon and when I now click on "compile and deploy" the Visual Composer freezes after the compiling step. The application does not deploy and the progress bar does not arrive to the deploy step anymore. Also no error message at all is issued...

First of all, is this the 32K bug again ? But why don't I get an error message and why is he even not trying to deploy.

But even more important : is there anything that I can do to fix this problem or do I really need to stop adding further elements in this model and split it ???

Thanks for all feedback !!!