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SAP BRF+ how transport only the decision table but not its entries

Hi All,

I have a requirement to create a decision table in my development system and to transport this decision table to production. Once the decision table moves to production the user will create entries into this decision table.

As the decision table should be transported to quality and production, I have maintained the storage type as "customizing" ,"transportable". But with this settings even the entries are also being captured in the TR and also in quality it is requesting for transport whenever we want to create a new entry in the decision call.(Ideally this should not happen)

I have created this decision table inside the function mode.

I have tried to change the storage type setting to "Master" but in Master only "local" is possible that means the decision table cannot be transported. :(

I have tried to use the application exit but still couldn't able to find any suitable solution.

Please help me on how to proceed with this.

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3 Answers

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    Jun 19, 2017 at 02:43 PM


    in BRFplus, in general, you have the two options you described:

    • Storage Type "Customizing" - objects are transported as client-dependent objects. These objects underly the same constraints as any customizing object namely not being editable in productive environments
    • Storage Type "Master Data" - objects cannot be transported and have to be created and edited in the corresponding systems

    There are some workarounds that you can use here:

    • You can override the editability for storage type "customizing" via an application exit. You find some details here. Please also take a look at the comments on this blog, as there are some pitfalls that come along with this solution. I would NOT recommend to go this way
    • You can create the BRFplus objects making use of the BRFplus API. This way you can e. g. create a master data object programmatically in the system of choice and enter the data in the productive system. You find some more information in this blog: Handling of Applications with the BRFplus API

    If this is a common scenario in your development, it would make sense to take a closer look to the SAP Decision Service Management which allows the maintenance of BRFplus objects in a central system and deployment in any other system. For more information see: Decision Service Management

    Best reagrds,


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  • Jul 14, 2017 at 09:59 AM

    As my my analysis there is no easy way of doing this activity without using SAP Decision Service Management.

    If SAP Decision Service Management is not available, the workaround would be to create 2 applications, 1 application with the function (Customizing TR) and 1 application with decision table (non transportable Master). Transport the function and other thing of the 1st application and upload the decision table directly to the Quality/Production (manual activity). use the decision table in the function. :)

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  • Jun 21, 2017 at 09:32 AM

    Storage type Master is correct if it is to be maintained. An alternative to Christian's excellent input is to 'transport' using XML export/import from Dev into QA and Prod. A good approach is to use XML for the entire table and then use Excel export/import for backing up or maintaining the table contents.

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