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Jun 18, 2017 at 08:39 AM

Exporting MII projects as SDA files


Hello Folks,

We are in the process of connecting MII 15.1 with NWDI 7.50 for source control and versioning (done and working good including build in CBS) andalso with CTS+ in SolMan for handling transports.

Here we had a problem since unfortunately MII doesn't work with CM Services (so told us SAP support) and with CMS you can only transport at SC level, which is too big granularity in our case...

So we came across this blog by Rohit Negi which "exploits" a very nice trick to transport using CTS+ at DC level, in other words a single MII shared project, which might work for us.

In the blog Rohit mentions the possibility to export a MII project as a .SDA file.

When we use NWDI in MII for creating shared projects, an sda could be created for these projects.

Does anybody know how to do that in MII Workbench? We were able to do it via Developer Studio (NWDS) but it's not so convenient.

Any help is greatly appreciated.