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Apr 24, 2007 at 11:53 AM

new to CAF


Hello all,

I'm new to CAF, I have read documentation but I have some doubts that I would like to solve...

From my knowledge, an Entity service is a business object used to save and permit access to application data. So, I use entity services to define attributes and data types to generate database tables.

1. In the Entity service, I can define Local persistency. So, I can define a locally persistency or a back-end SAP system persistency. Does it mean that I can get data from the back-end SAP system (not local persistency) or from the test tool application (local persistency)? The way to access to data from a back-end system is using Web Services, RFCs.. etc as an external service?

2. The idea of CAF is to build composite business applications on top of other applications without writing a single line of code... I don't know if this idea refers to the Entity Service.

As I can see in the documentation, I can add a new operation (for instance, in Customer entity service a operation called "readByLastName"), choose the input type (LastName), and CAF automatically generates the code to search customers by its last name. How does it work exactly? how many types of operations we can generate automatically? Is it possible without a local persistency? How can I use it, maybe in the application service?

3. Can I create a new operation in the entity service (for instance, createCustomer), to create its attibutes, to map this attributes with the web service (external service) and finally add the business logic in the application service? It means, not to use the auto-code generated in the entity service...

As you can see a lot of concepts of CAF are flying wrongly in my head... I will be very greatful to your answers..

Thanks a lot,