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Adding decision table in the custom application

Hello experts,

I have a requirement where user wants to maintain entries in decision table with out saving in transport(Quality and Prod) system.

Below are the steps which I have created:

1-> Created an application (zap1) and data objects.Saved it in a package.

2-> Created another application (zap2) and decision table(storage - Master data)with out put as a structure to display the result and saved it in local.

Now created a function in application zap1 with mode as - function mode and tried to add the above decision table but BRF could not able to search from application zap2.I have also set the access level for all the objcets including applications to global but still the zapp2 is not proposing the decision table from zapp2.Please let me know if am missing anything also request you to add the steps that needs to be carried out in quality and production system.

Your valuable inputs are appreciated here.



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2 Answers

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    Jun 19, 2017 at 06:30 PM

    Hi PD,

    if you look at the reference I posted, you will see that this way the master data application is not accessible from the customizing application and that is what you want to achieve in your original setup in function mode.

    To your other questions:

    Ad 1) Not quite clear from which application this error comes from, but the error log is usually sufficient to figure out what is missing and needs to be transported

    Ad 2) As the master data application cannot be transported, you have to create it in the consequent systems

    Ad 3) First you have to transport zap1 (customizing) to the systems, then you can start with zap2 (master data)



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  • Jun 19, 2017 at 02:47 PM


    please check the storage type of your application zap1. There is a hierarchy concerning the visibility/accessibility of the applications and the objects within e. g. you can only access system objects if your storage type is system. For more details concerning this aspect, please take a look at the table in - BRFplus - Concepts - Storage Types

    Best regards


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    • Hi Christian,

      Thank you for your valuable time and response.The storage type for zap1 is customize and transportable.Visibility for both the applications and it's underlying objects are set it as "global".However we trying alternate approach using rulesets.I have created ruleset in zap2 and saved the application as "master data" and set it as "global" visibility across all applications and objects. The same ruleset has been called in zap1(transportable).It is working fine as expected but we are facing below issues:

      1)Transport error(object reference is not yet transported) for all the data elements.

      2)Do I need to manually create zap2 manually and upload the decision table in Q and production system?

      3)Before moving the transport the zap2 should already been created in the Q system or it has to created once the zap1 lands to the Q system.